Report Medicare Fraud Here - How to Report Medicare Fraud

Report institutional Medicare fraud here.

Are you a healthcare professional and have information about Medicare fraud and want to report it? Report Medicare fraud here. By reporting Medicare fraud, you may be able to collect a significant financial reward.

Individuals that report Medicare fraud are typically health care professionals who are aware of hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, Nursing Homes, Hospice, long term care and other health care facilities that routinely overcharge or seek reimbursement from government programs for medical services not rendered, drugs not used, beds not slept in and ambulance rides not taken. If you are a healthcare professional and have information about someone that is cheating Medicare, you may be able to collect a large financial reward for reporting it here.

Some common types of Medicare fraud that are reported to us include:

  • Ambulance service fraud: billing for rides not authorized by Medicare.
  • Medical coding: alteration of medical codes for different procedures and diagnosis.
  • Hospice care centers overbilling for patients stays and care.
  • Rehabilitation centers systematically inflating rehab bills.
  • Durable medical equipment fraud: kickbacks schemes in medical sales of items such as bedding and wheelchairs.
  • Nursing home overbilling of staff time and patient care. Assisted living center fraud.

Most scenarios of Medicare fraud that are reported to us include one or more of the following:

  • Phantom Billing. In this scenario, the provider bills Medicare for procedures which are either unnecessary or not performed at all. Durable medical equipment false billings fall into this category as well. An example would be billing Medicare for a wheelchair or homecare hospital bed which is either unneeded or undelivered.
  • False Patient billing. For instance, for a kickback, a Medicare-eligible patient may provide his Medicare number and allow a provider to bill Medicare for tests and procedure either unneeded or unfulfilled.
  • Upcoding and upbilling. This fraud seeks to receive additional and unwarranted and illegal Medicare funds by using a code that may not be merited but results in the need for further services and tests, and, therefore higher reimbursements.

By reporting acts of Medicare fraud, you may be entitled to receive financial compensation, potentially worth millions of dollars.

Recent changes to US whistleblower laws allow individuals to collect a significant financial reward (often millions of dollars) for reporting Medicare fraud. US laws now allow individuals reporting Medicare fraud to receive full protection from retaliation and collect up to 30% of the fines that the government collects. Help improve the integrity of our healthcare system by reporting Medicare fraud.

Report Medicare fraud here.

Help put an end to Medicare fraud, and get rewarded for your efforts. Our attorneys have significant experience representing Medicare fraud whisteblowers. Report Medicare fraud by Completing the form on this page or by calling 1-800-581-1790 for a free no obligation consultation with a lawyer.

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